The expert boat cleaning services from Dockside Divers will help you reduce fuel costs, improve performance, and protect your investment!

When it comes to keeping your boat clean, there is more than meets the eye!

And what you can’t see underneath the water and on your boat’s hull, can damage your boat and cost you a lot of money. This is why you want to make sure your boat is being cared for by experts, like those from Dockside Divers.

At Dockside Divers, we make sure all of the elements of nature that might wreak havoc on your boat are being managed with our boat hull cleaning schedule. We take care of the dirty work so you can relax and enjoy your boat.

Dockside Divers provides the most reliable boat hull cleaning services in San Diego County. We also provide a variety of other boat cleaning services to keep your boat in great shape both above and below the water:

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  • Scheduled boat hull cleaning and inspection
  • Anode maintenance and replacement
  • Topside boat cleaning, detailing, and maintenance
  • Propeller inspection, repair, and cleaning

Whether you have a 22-foot sailboat or a 60-foot power cruiser, you need a maintenance plan for your boat that provides you with peace of mind.

Dockside Discount Program

As a perk for our loyal customers, the Dockside Discount program provides savings on many high quality marine products and other local service providers. These partners work with us to give you amazing discounts on products and services that we consider top of the line.

Hull Cleaning Inspection

You bought a boat because you want to enjoy it. Dockside Divers helps you get all of the enjoyment without all of the stress regarding boat maintenance. Our scheduled service plan keeps us on top of your boat’s upkeep, and we perform a thorough inspection of all the parts on the underside of your boat. Our inspection report gives you peace of mind that all the important tasks are taken care of. You can depend on Dockside Divers to keep your boat’s hull in tip top shape.

Boat Detailing Services

Keeping your boat’s topside spotless is just as important as keeping your boat hull sparkling. Dockside Diver’s boat detailing services ensures the surfaces on your boat are cleaned, maintained, and conditioned to extend the life of all the materials and to keep them looking great. The sun, sand, and water are as tough on the topside as barnacles are on the bottom. At Dockside Divers, we use quality products and industry-tested techniques to keep the wear and tear at bay.

"Outstanding dive team! They keep my hull in great shape and are very fair with their billing."